Global Citizenship in higher education development

The development of higher education has to meet the demands of the social, cultural, economic and ecological transformation facing our (global) societ(y)ies. Therefore, science management and science research, as well as curricula development and higher education didactics, must be shaped from new, even unconventional, perspectives that focus, for example, on the following topics:

  • International cooperation and global citizenship education from a postcolonial perspective.
  • Cultural diversity and multilingualism in the context of diversity and participation.
  • Sustainable development and digitalisation of higher education from the perspective of international reform pedagogy.
  • Collaborative governance on the way to an inclusive organisational culture.
  • Agile change management and dialogical leadership.

This workshop presentation [PDF] provides some initial inspirations.

Global Citizenship in European Universities

The worldwide transformation processes of life forms with their underlying values and norms, coming from the most diverse socio-cultural and historical origins, takes place in a wide, circular and ambiguous field of tension between the local, the global and beyond demarcations such as Europe-non-Europe or West-non-West. Therefore, the implementation of European Universities must be based on an inclusive understanding of culture beyond the (cultural-historical) borders of Europe and contribute to a transcultural Europe of global civil rights [more].

Transcultural learning through Virtual Exchange and online mobility